Wild: Stories from Western Australia’s Past

Wild: Stories from Western Australia’s Past is a new podcast, hosted by Karli Florisson

Welcome to Western Australia. The stories from our past are fascinating, unbelievable, and often, unknown. Have you heard of the great Emu War, or the pirate who lived on an island off the coast of Esperance? Did you know we had a tiny sovereign nation inside our borders, a referendum to secede from the rest of the nation, and Australia’s first female member of parliament? We have had corrupt politicians and shipwrecks, jail breaks, mining boom and bust, strikes, brave rescues, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Western Australia has always been a bit wild, and there are so many fascinating stories to explore.

The host of this podcast is Karli Florisson – a writer, a storyteller, and above all, a history nerd. I love the history of this state, but even more than that, I love great stories. And these stories really are cracking yarns.

Wild: Stories from Western Australia’s Past is available wherever you get your podcasts.

We acknowledge the First Nations people of Western Australia, and in particular, the Esperance Nyungars on whose land this podcast is recorded. We pay respects to their elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge their longstanding and ongoing relationship with this beautiful land.