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The Sanko Harvest

Thirty years ago, Western Australia had one of its worst ecological disasters when the bulk carrier the Sanko Harvest hit a reef off the coast of Esperance. This episode tells the story of how this accident occurred, and how the mess was cleaned up. Here are some of the sources that I used in researching this episode:
The Sanko Harvest Oil Spill RememberedThe Sanko Harvest Esperance Express
The Sanko Harvest Marine Incident

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The Catalpa Rescue

What did it take to escape from the notorious Fremantle Prison in 1876? This story tells the tale of a group of Irish political prisoners who attempted this near-impossible feat.
The book, The Catalpa Rescue, by Peter FitzSimons, was a fascinating and very informative source of a lot of the information for this episode. Highly recommended, if you want to read more about this saga. (Hachette, 2019)
Also, check out this site for more information about the Freo Prison.
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The Hutt River Province

The Hutt River Province is located 500 km north of Perth. In 1970, Leonard Casley declared this family farm to be an independent province after a stoush with the government over wheat quotas. Here are some of the sources for information in this episode. Something not listed? Email me.

Article about the Hutt River Province
Micronations in Australia
Leonard Casley’s Obituary, The Guardian, London, 2019.
Hutt River Province for sale.
Picture, Prince Leonard with his wife, Princess Shirley, from this website.

Black Jack Anderson

According to legend, Black Jack Anderson was a pirate who lived off the coast of Western Australia on an island. So what do we really know about Black Jack Anderson? This episode tells his story.
Some of the sources for information in this episode are listed here. Something not listed? Got a question? Email me!

Notes on sealing in the Recherche Archipelago
Notes on James Newell and Old Surrey
Newspaper article from 1842
Article about Dorothea Newell
Picture – Lake Hillier on Middle Island.

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